VF fruit & vegetable chips

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?Product Name

?Vacuum Fried Fruit & Vegetable chips




?Crispy and delicious, the flavor is unique, to maintain the original flavor

?Nutritional value

?Rich in fiber, minerals, carbohydrates and protein supplements needed by the ?human body.


?Aluminum foil bag,outside carton package,760cartons/20’fcl

?Package choice

?Bulk package: 3-8kg;

?Retail Package:18g,40g,50g,60g,75g,80g,120g


?Fruit: Apple chips, Yellow peach chips, Banana chips etc.


?Potato, Sweet potato chips, Purple sweet potato chips, Carrot chips,

?red radish chips,Pumpkin chips, Green Radish chips, Taro chips, lotus?root,Green ?beans, Onion chips,shiitake chips,Red pepper, Yellow pepper, Green pepper, ?Beetroot chips,Broccoli,Cauliflower,Okra chips.


?Mixed chips is allowed, We can mixed as per client request.

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